Dave and Kim Maul have been doing business in
Michigan for over 30 years. Over the years we have
done speciality work for small businesses and
corporations, specializing in Fine Hand made
Mouth-Blown Christmas Ornaments. Each year we
are challanged by coming up with  new designs. The
Most Unique thing about Hope Glass Works is; we
Design and manufacture all of our Glass items, right
here in Hope, Mi.
Made in USA
David and Kim  produce each ornament one at a time
by hand.
Our products are a lasting gift
Great Holiday Gifts for Clients or Employees
inquiries/ only
Email at hopeglassworks@yahoo.com

These distinctive glass collectables are made from
fine crystal and glass rod colors from all over the world.
Kim Maul is a professional musician turned Glassblower.
She has learned glassblowing from her husband David who is
a Master Scientific Glass Blower. He has been a glass blower
since 1969.          
Kim has been making Christmas ornaments for 23 years
experimenting with design and color and quality. Glassblowing, she
has learned, is a lot like music,: both require practice, practice,
Our ornaments are considered Lamp-Working, done with a torch or
crossfires, made from lead crystal and Pyrex tubing. Working with
hand pulled colors . These colored rods are used to decorate the
surface of the hot glass, then the piece is blown into an ornament.
Lamp-Working is a glass blowing technique that dates  back to the
16th century, when heat for softening glass rods was developed by
blowing air through the flame of a wick lamp.
Please visit Tools of the Trade to learn more about Glass Blowing.
Today Glass Artists use jet burner or cross-fire torches to do
lamp-working.  Hope Glass Works offers a good selection of styles
and shapes and colors.
Each piece is usually signed by the artist and are a fine crafted
original. Glass implements almost every facet of science and
technology: It lights our dwelling place, our way, and our artistic
Dave and Kim live in Mid-Michigan, with their two sons,
Robert and Tyler.
Learn more about the family on the
About Us Page.
Dave and Kim have been playing music for years and perform with
their sons and Kelly Beck. You can visit our
web site and take a
listen to some of our recordings.
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On this web site you will be able to see our hand crafted Glass Ornaments and prices and
see some ot the other things Dave, The Master Glass Blower has made.
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