Tools of the Trade
Crossfire Torches
For Neon Fabrication
Tools: carbon paddle,carbon  
prod,scoring tool and tweezers
Carlyle single burning torch
Kim's Crossfires bench for lead tubing
Our Carlyle torch we use on
Pryex tubing for
Pulled glass colors and rods of
lead crystal glass, applied to the
surface of the glass Points.
Pulled Points for making Christmas
ornaments. We use different size points,
depending on the size of the ornament.
There are many facets to glass blowing:
  • Lampworking is done on the Torch or crossfires, items include
    Bells, perfume bottles, ornaments,earrings, jewelry, tooth pick
    holders. Most any thing can be crafted on either torch. the
    crossfires temperature is about 800 degrees and the Pryex,
    (Carlyle) torch is hotter at 1,200 degrees.
  • Hot Glass with Furnace- The glass is heated and melted in a
    large furnace. the glass is a mixture of many types of
    ingredients, and comes in 50# bags. Glass is melted into a
    molten liquid, and then it can be shaped and molded into what
    ever the master glass blower/ Gaffer wants.  The temperature of
    the hot glass is 800 degrees. The artist sits on a gaffers bench
    and gets a hands on approach to the glass.

  •           Neon Fabrication- The crossfires torch and a Ribbon
    Torch is used to bend lead tubing and make neon signs. the
    tubes are filled with various gasses to create different colors,
    then are bombarded with electricity and put into a transformer
    to light it up. As mentioned Dave worked in a Neon shop and is
    experienced in tube bending.

  • Scientific Glass Blower - this is the hardest of all because it
    requires much experience in working with many kinds of glass
    and making large and small glass applications for most every
    facet of manufacturing. A highly skilled field. Dave has been
    doing this as a career for 32 years.
Spinner Ornament
Made on Crossfires
Early American Glassware
made from the Hot Glass
Shadow Dancer Neon
Sculpture David made.